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Build Strong

“The most important asset of an organization that never appears on its balance sheet is its people.”

– Deb Adkins, Co-Founder and CEO
Author of Advanced Forensic Accounting, Checkpoint Learning, Thomson Reuters®


Our Financial team brings their depth of experience and expertise to help you define your goals, complete short-term projects and achieve long-term financial viability and sustainability.

Talent Optimization

Our Talent Optimization team helps connect your business strategy with a people strategy to drive winning results.

Regardless of the economic environment, winning business results require optimized people practices.
We help you strengthen your Financials while optimizing your People Practices to create a strong foundation for success.

What makes
us unique?

We practice based on real-life experience. Our experts each have 25+ years of practical subject matter expertise in the finance and human resource fields. Each has served in leadership roles in winning public, private and non-profit organizations.

Our focus is simple. We connect your financial processes with your people practices to create a strong foundation for superior results.