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The Predictive Index

Our Talent Optimization team helps connect your business strategy with a people strategy to drive winning results.

As part of our suite of Talent Optimization solutions, we are also a certified partner for The Predictive Index.  Through the power of PI, we can help organizations use data and insights to build winning teams.  Additionally, we can help you connect the work to be done with the people doing the work to maximize retention and productivity.  This approach is captured in the framework below and explained as follows:

  • Organizations set their business strategy to determine the direction they want to go as well as help make decisions along the way.
  • When setting strategy, it is important to design an organizational structure and culture to execute that strategy. Typically, organizations do not use the same rigor for developing their people strategy as they do their business strategy.  This can result in missed business targets.
  • Hiring the right people includes not only external talent, but internal placement as well. Ensuring that all talent is in the right role, leverages the strengths of the individual and increases the organization’s ability to execute its strategy.
  • While hiring the right talent is critical, equally important is keeping them inspired, happy and engaged. Developing talent to become their best self and learn new skills is key to career growth, increasing the talent bench and creating clear succession planning.
  • Finally, organizations must continually monitor their talent strategy to make sure it’s working. Diagnosing people issues to know what is and what is not working, and then taking action to adjust, is essential to a healthy workplace culture and strong organizational results.

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