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Implementation of Strategic Planning Tool to Achieve Long Term Financial Plan

by | Jun 20, 2022

Balanced Scorecard Approach to Define 3 Year Financial Plan


Multi-billion $ organization acquires a small family owned business in an adjacent market with a rapid global growth expansion plan.


As Division Controller for the acquired business, introduced the Balanced Scorecard process to develop a 3 year strategic plan and financial plan as well as an ongoing implementation and measurement tool.


Trained the entire management team, across all disciplines, in the Balanced Scorecard process with the goal of linking the business strategy to the financial plan. From a Financial, Customer, Internal Business Process and Learning and Growth Perspective worked with the management team to develop a Strategy Map highlighting the company’s Objectives, Measures, Targets and Strategic Initiatives. This involved defining specific written goals, how to measure progress, achievable targets and how to get there.


The introduction of the Balanced Scorecard process and Strategy Map helped each of the management team members understand and monitor the actions needed to achieve the global growth plans for the company. It also provided the acquiring organization with insight into the plans, timing and funding requirements needed to meet their financial goals.

About the Author

Anita P. Moulton, CPA

Anita P. Moulton, CPA

CFO Partner

CPA with strong business acumen and diverse expertise in financial management, global accounting and process improvement.  Former Big Four financial systems consultant focused on deriving value from ERP systems investment.  Experience with privately held organizations ranging from $1.5M to $114.7B in revenue.