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Pioneering the Latest Tech for Profitability

by | Nov 7, 2023


Company XYZ has known that artificial intelligence is the next big thing on the horizon, but they’ve been paralyzed by their combination of confusion and fear around what it might mean for their work and how to even use it. They really had no idea of where to begin.


After reviewing and identifying the priority areas, we settled on implementing groundbreaking AI-driven technology in three areas: marketing personalization, predictive analysis, and language translation.


Methodically, we studied where the company’s processes were the most manual and time consuming. We also examined where demand existed for new features that would enhance the company’s brand and overall profitability. We used those factors as the initial filters to figure out where AI might be able to be leveraged for the sake of modernizing certain of the company’s processes and increasing overall profitability.


By leveraging the breathtaking capabilities of AI, we’ve saved the company money by reducing time spent on certain key tasks. We’ve also increased profitability by making marketing and sales efforts more uniquely tailored to certain market segments, plus we’ve improved the company’s internal forecasting capabilities and rolled out language translation on the company’s online store, a feature which the company never had available before.

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Matt LaFleur, CPA

Matt LaFleur, CPA

CFO Partner

A Certified Public Accountant with Big 4 experience and extensive non-profit financial leadership and stewardship experience; as well as a business and tech-savvy systems thinker.