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Setting Up Accounts Receivable Portals

by | Feb 20, 2022


Our client’s business had seen increased team member turnover creating a void in the Accounts Receivable department which further added to the vast number of accounts that were delinquent.


Evaluated current work processes and established set-ups for all portals imitating cash flow. Assisted all areas of cash applications to further strengthen processes.


Investigated systems access protocols to resolve process gaps based on increased team member turnover.  Strengthened communication and relationships with vendors having outstanding balances to improve payment time.  Partnered with internal IT department to establish invoice upload reports.  Mapped and documented set-up process through Excel.


Resolved within three months all key process areas impacting efficient collection of outstanding invoices.  Improvement in processes also lead to increased team member productivity.

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Kimberly Oakley-Brown

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