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Successful Business Divestiture

by | Aug 20, 2022


How to smoothly transfer the financial reporting data, processes, and systems from the seller company to the acquiring company without disrupting the business or impacting the operating results.


Managed Transition Services for three months after the sale of the business with a monthly exchange of detailed transactions and cash until the acquirer could absorb all financial reporting, processes, and systems.


Established teams composed of Finance/IT staff from both companies and prepared detailed project plan with monitoring and documentation of significant issues.


Ensured smooth transition of business segment for acquiring company.

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About the Author

Anita P. Moulton, CPA

Anita P. Moulton, CPA

CFO Partner

CPA with strong business acumen and diverse expertise in financial management, global accounting and process improvement.  Former Big Four financial systems consultant focused on deriving value from ERP systems investment.  Experience with privately held organizations ranging from $1.5M to $114.7B in revenue.